I was first one to speak about casting couches: Shama Sikander

Actress Shama Sikander has opened up about her experience with casting couches, which she tried to handle with full maturity and intelligence. Shama said, “I think I was the first person to speak about the casting couch.”

You can feel it today because there was a ‘Me Too’ campaign and it was enough to shake everyone up. So now everyone is talking easily on these issues but first of all, none of you wants to do this. Everyone was afraid. Later everyone came together and spoke on the issue. It is not only in the film industry but it will remain wherever there is power. ”

However, Shama says that show business is not as bad as people think. She has also met some great people here.

Regarding the casting couch, Shama said, “I have had some such experiences but I dealt with it with full maturity and understanding.”

She added, “A man tries to sleep with a woman, it is not wrong but it is necessary for him to have a woman’s will involved. Many people do this in a very wrong way. Individuals who are ill psychic find more ways to torment people.”

Shama says the meditation made her mentally very strong and she is very happy.

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