Ghazipur landfill fire: Delhi Fire Department Controls Fire At Ghazipur Landfill Site

Ghazipur landfill fire: The Delhi Fire Department has controlled the fire which broke out at the Ghazipur landfill site in Delhi. The fire which ignited yesterday evening, had continued to burn until this morning.
The Delhi Fire Department is currently in the process of cooling down the landfill to prevent it from re-igniting.
Delhi Fire Service official Naresh Kumar attributed the fire due to flammable gases produced at the Ghazipur landfill.
He added that the fire department received the call around 6 pm yesterday with over 10 fire trucks dousing the fire. Residents have complained of throat and breathing irritation due to the fumes released.
Municipal Corporation of Delhi Deputy Mayor, Aaley Muhammad Iqbal said that he inspected the landfill site and gave instructions to the officials to control the fire. He added that the fire broke out due to heat and dryness of the weather.
Meanwhile, the BJP has hit out at the Delhi government for not clearing the landfill site as promised.
Delhi BJP Chief Virendra Sachdeva claimed that only half of the 25 machines deployed at the landfill are working. Mr Sachdeva called for an investigation into the incident and action against the guilty.

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