ICC World Cup 2023: Ticket Shortage Dampens Hopes for India-Pak Clash

ICC World Cup 2023: Cricket enthusiasts are brimming with excitement, as India is all set for the highly-anticipated India-Pakistan clash at the ICC World Cup.

However, a cloud of disappointment looms over many fans due to the unavailability of tickets for the much-awaited encounter.

Offline ticket sales have already closed, leaving many hopeful spectators in despair. Online ticketing, primarily through World Cup’s official ticketing partner BookMyShow, remains the last hope for cricket aficionados. But even on BookMyShow, fans complained of several issues.

Numerous users eagerly logged into the ticket booking app in anticipation of the India-Pakistan match tickets which went live at 8 pm on Sunday. However, they were met with disappointment as the application placed them in a seemingly endless ‘queue,’ while tickets vanished within minutes. Some users expressed frustration over the app’s lack of transparency in displaying the number of available tickets before they were entirely sold out.

Despite attempting to secure tickets simultaneously from multiple devices, several users found themselves empty-handed.

In response to the uproar from the irritated fans on social media platforms, BookMyShow issued a standard statement on X, formerly known as Twitter. It explained, ” The demand for World Cup tickets is much higher than the limited supply available. With such a huge number of users booking their tickets, they are bound to sell out quickly.”

However, this response failed to appease some fans, and hashtags calling for a boycott of BookMyShow started to trend on X.

Adding to the dismay, some private websites are reselling India-Pakistan match tickets at exorbitant prices, reaching into lakhs of rupees, further dampening spirits among cricket enthusiasts.

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