How to Wear Winter Accessories

There are correct and incorrect ways to best pair your outerwear with your gloves and scarves, and mastering these will make it much easier for you to look stylish each day.


When it comes to scarves, there are many different lengths that you might find when shopping these accessories. Unless you are very tall, stay away from scarves that fall too far below your waist. Remember to consider the drape and thickness of the scarf before trying to tie anything. For a more sophisticated look, opt for a more moderate length of scarf, as opposed to something that’s too thick. Often, the longer and thicker a scarf is, the more casual you’ll appear.

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Glove accessories

The importance of a proper fitting glove is crucial. If a glove is too tight, it’ll fit too snug and feel very uncomfortable. If it’s too large, it’ll look sloppy and bring down the entire outfit. You’ll want to measure your dominant hand to make sure that you’re getting the right glove size.

Choose The Right Colors

To make sure you’re staying stylish along with keeping warm during the winter season, it’s important to know what kind of color options you should consider for your gloves and scarves. If you’re just starting out, make sure that you have the core foundational colors in your overcoat wardrobe; brown, navy, and charcoal grey will offer you the most versatility for your outfits, as you can dress them up or dress down throughout the season.


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