Why destination wedding is becoming popular in India?

Destination weddings are to perform an official religious ceremony, usually a marriage away from the home towns of Bride & Groom families. Destination weddings are now is becoming the new big trend in Indian weddings.

Both the families spends time together as a vacation with all friends and relatives. This is one of the kind of celebration at a desired destination within India or abroad. Wedding destinations can in India or at a International Destination depending on the budget.

It can happen in a Hotel or a  Resorts at a desired destinations.

The concept of Destination weddings in in vogue because of its practical reason of celebrations, fun, enjoyment without any city issues and ease of the families, full of entertainment. You go to one place, everything is arranged for you. No need to travel from place to another for different wedding ceremonies of Bride & Groom. At the same time, its cost effective, practical and fun.

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