Why Thousands of yogis still live in the Himalayas?


People become yogi just for mental peace and nothing  else. It is harsh fact but the only truth. Thousands of yogis still live in the Himalayas. You can go there and see them. A lot of yogis live in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand especially, and also in parts of Nepal. There you will easily find dozens of ashramas full of yogis, and many more yogis living alone in mountain caves, near ancient temples, or simply wandering about the holy towns.

The Gangotri-Gaumukh-Tapovan river valley area is a particular center for yogis. You can find other yogis around Kedarnath. Some live in caves high in the Badrinath/Badarikashrama valley, but they are less approachable. Most of them don’t want to be disturbed. There are many other places too. Some of the yogis will even talk to you, though at times I had to show my patience by sitting quietly on the ground outside their shelter for an hour or more while they chanted mantras before beckoning me in and being willing to talk. Most of them also don’t speak English, so you should either speak good Hindi or bring a translator.

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