Easy tips to improve your English vocabulary

English language is very beautiful and very funny language..remeber the dialogue. A very famous dialogue from the movie ‘Namak Halaal’- I can talk English, I can walk English, I can laugh English, I can run English, because English is such a funny language.

Here are some useful tips to build your vocabulary:


Always develop a reading habit it will slowly build your vocabulary. To read a word separately is one thing and to read and understand a word in context is different. Since reading is a one-person activity, you can do it at your pace and in your own time. Reading is one way to increse your vocabulary.

Watch the events

It may be a little difficult to attend events due to the ongoing pandemic but even virtual events is the great option. Events like plays, exhibitions, readings, talk shows with writers, and debates is an easy way to build your vocabulary. Listening to new words helps the brain to retain them easily.

Play crossword puzzles

Solving crossword puzzles is an interesting way which can lead to incrase the vocabulary. You must take a note of new words and try to use them whenever possible in your conversation.

Use new words

Always make a habbit to use a new word in your verbal conversation and writting matters. It helps build one’s vocabulary at a faster pace. When you use a word in a conversation, it becomes easy for the brain to remember it. This tip will also help you to use your words correctly.

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