Listen to the middle class people on private school monthly fee

I am a middle class man and having two kids studding in public school.
Today I heard from the school the I have to pay the full monthly fee which include the annual charges. It is creating unnecessary burden during lockdown period. Lots of company have deducted the salary to the people.
Earlier I was only paying tuition fee as per the Delhi government order which was easy manageable during lockdown period.
Now from 1st June school is asking to pay the full monthly fee.

“The amount payable by students concerned will be paid in six monthly installments w.e.f. 10.06.2021,” said Justice Jayant Nath in the order, while quashing the orders passed by the government on April 18 and August 28 last year with regard to collection of annual fee and development charges.

On April 18 last year, the education department permitted schools to collect only tuition fees during the lockdown period, and said the annual and development charges can be charged from parents but only on a monthly basis after the completion of the lockdown period.

Lockdown is still not over and lots of people have lost their jobs due to this lockdown so it is a humble request to Delhi govt. to come forward and help other middle class people.

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