How to make Fresh berry phirni

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It is a perfect dish made from rice and berries to complete your day with a happy smile. This dish is rich in vitamin A and calcium which promotes hair growth. You can also consume it to get rid of the burning sensation in your stomach. Here is what you need to prepare fresh berry phirni for one serving:

Rice- ¼ cup
1 cup milk
4-5 pieces of almonds
4-5 pieces pistachios
Saffron- Few strands
Cardamom powder 1 tsp.
3-4 pieces strawberries
Sugar 1 tsp.
Here is the method to follow for making berry phirni:

Firstly wash and soak rice properly in water for approximately 20-30 minutes.
Once the rice is soaked properly in water, grind it in the mixi.
Now take a deep pan and heat milk in it. Then add sugar in the milk and keep the milk on low flame.
Now add cardamom powder followed by rice and continue the stirring slowly.
When the milk starts to thicken and the rice is cooked, add saffron and mix it well.
Now pour the phirni into a serving bowl and add almonds, pistachios, and any seasonal berries upon it.
Let the mixture cool down in the refrigerator for an hour and serve it cool.

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