Food: Top 5 Gujarati dishes except Dhokla and Jalebi Fafda

Food: When we talk about Gujarati food, the first thing that comes to our mind is jalebi, fadfa, and dhokla.

There are other dishes in Gujrat which are equally famous as dhokla. North Gujarat, Kacch, Kathiyawad, and Surti Gujarat are four major regions of Gujarat and each of these brings its own uniqueness to Gujarati cuisine.


Made from gram flour, whole wheat flour, fresh fenugreek leaves, and spices, these flatbreads are healthy snacking options with a long shelf life.

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Undhiyu is a mixed vegetable dish that is cooked upside down and underground in clay pots.

Gujarati Kadhi

There is no Gujarati thali meal is ever complete without the kadhi. Distinctively recognized because of its white color, this is a traditional dish made of sour curd, spiced with thickened gram flour, and sweetened with a jaggery or sugar.


Khakhra is a thin cracker made with moth beans and wheat flour as its basic, core ingredients.


Mohanthal is a soft fudge-like sweet made from sweetened gram flour (besan) and flavored with saffron, cardamom, and nuts like almonds and pistachios.

This is not the complete list, there are more delicious food in Gujrat. Happy Fooding !!!

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