Top Delicious Foods of Tamil Nadu

Tamil foods are very famous in Delhi other part in northern India. Tamil Nadu is a state in southern India. Its capital and largest city is Chennai. There are some dishes that have made their special place in the hearts of the people and have traveled far and wide to capture many more hearts.

  1.  Sambar: It is a lentil-based stew which has been prepared with tomatoes and/or tamarind as its base for building flavours. Whether it is for breakfast or a lavish traditional Tamilian lunch spread, Sambar is a significant part of almost every meal in Tamil Nadu and in Tamilian homes everywhere. Vegetables such as carrots, yam, drumsticks and okra are added to the pot of Sambar to make it more delicious and nutritious.
  2. Puliyodarai: Tamarind, coconut and rice are very common ingredients used in Tamil Brahmin food. One such dish that comes from combining tamarind and rice is Puliyodarai. It is a special dish and is generally made during festivals and special occasions. First, it is offered to God as prasadam while praying in the temple and then enjoyed by people.
  3. Paruppu Payasam: his traditional sweet dish is made with moong dal, jaggery, coconut milk, ghee and nuts – that’s it! During summer, Paruppu Payasam is commonly prepared since moong dal is cooling for the body.
  4. Pollachi Nandu Fry: It is Crab Fry that is prepared using a special spice mix that goes really well with the naturally sweet flavour of the crab. Many seafood restaurants serving the South Indian cuisines include this dish on their menu but there is just something very magical in enjoying the dish in Tamil Nadu on a slightly cool day,
  5. Rasam: Rasam is a tangy, peppery broth that has been tempered with typical spices like curry leaves and mustard seeds. These are used frequently in Tamil cooking and the rest of South India. It is very different from Sambar and can be enjoyed with rice or just on its own.
  6. Pongal: The main ingredients in Pongal are rice, milk, moong dal (sometimes) and other regional additions. There are four variations of pongal that you can enjoy in the state – Venn Pongal, Puli Pongal (made with tamarind), Sakkarai Pongal (made with jaggery) and Melagu Pongal (made with black pepper). Tamil Nadu’s main festival also goes by the same name.
  7. Murukku: It is made with a combination of rice flour and urad dal flour mixed with water, salt, red chilli powder, asafoetida and either sesame seeds or cumin seeds.

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