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Benefits of growing Holy Basil (Tulasi) plant at home


Holy Basil commonly known as Tulasi is considered as the Queen of Herbs. The plant is considered sacred by Hindus and is worshiped mainly by the married women for a prosperous and blissful married life.

How a Tulsi plant in your home can predict your future!

In happy times

On the contrary, if your Tulsi plant looks fresh and new as ever, it means that prosperity and happiness is in abundance in your house — hence, one should take full care of the Tulsi plant and not let it die.

Teller of unfortunate events

Tulsi plant can foretell when an unfortunate incident is going to take place in a family. This could mean a death, a serious illness or even a robbery. As the plant begins to slowly lose its life, it is a warning sign that not all is well at your place. In case the plant refuses to come back to life just know that there is nothing much you can do about what is going to happen and neither you can control it.

Leaving the house

This so happens because prior to an unfortunate event, Goddess Tulsi, it is said leaves a particular house for good. When the soul of the Tulsi plant dies, the plant too will shrivel up and die.

Medicinal properties in Tulsi

Not only Tulsi is considered a holy plant, it also has a host of medicinal properties as well. Tusli is holiness in its soul – when the soul of the plant dies there is no way you can revive it. Its holiness is such that it can heal both, your external, as well as inner wounds.


The Tulsi plant secretes digestive enzymes and helps in better digestion — it also works well as an appetiser before meals.

Stomach issues resolved by Tulsi

Stomach issues bothering you? Tulsi juice mixed with ginger juice works as a very good ailment for stomach infections and stomach cramps, especially in children.

Remove Cough by Tulsi

For those of us suffering from chronic cough, bronchitis and asthma, Tulsi leaves are considered to very useful. Once can chew Tulsi leaves and even have water boiled with Tulsi leaves for instant relief.


Tulsi is also an effective antibiotic — it works wonders in instantly relieving fever, throat infection and even helps in common cold. All you need to have it with some dried ginger and your cold will vanish!

Anti cancerous

Though not proven, it is said that regular chewing of Tulsi leaves can even prevent Cancer. Apart from that, Tulsi juice is also considered very good for ear ache.

Tulsi beads

Apart from its medicinal properties, Tulsi, just like Rudraksh, can also do wonders for your health and wealth when worn as a mala on the body.

Much like the Sphatik Mala and the Rudraksh Mala, chanting the Tulsi bead mala gives you inner strength and also helps you control your mind — it increases your power of concentration and helps you connect better with yourself.

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