Know the benefits of black pepper


There are lots of unknown benefits of the king of spices i.e. black pepper. With black pepper, no dish can be completed. It adds extra flavors to spicy foods. Here are 5 commonly known health benefits of black pepper you must know-

  1. It prevents cancer
  2. It is good for digestion
  3. A versatile spice
  4. Cleanses your intestines and stomach
  5. It helps in producing red blood cells
  6. It is rich in vitamin B and produces calcium
  7. Treats Skin Problems
  8. It helps in depression

There are some black pepper recipes

  • Black Pepper Chicken Fry
  • Potato Fritters with Black Pepper Crunch

Side effects of black pepper

There are some side effects of black pepper apart from lots of benefits. Some people can face problems if consuming black pepper in excess:

  • Stomach burns
  • If large quantities enter your lungs it may result in death
  • If crushed pepper enters your eyes, it may cause a severe burning sensation
  • In some rare cases, it is found that black pepper reacts to some medicines and may cause irritation or allergies, especially for women who are pregnant