Vatsala Jadia: ‘I lost my mother due to black fungus infection’


Vatsala Jadia, 28, a software engineer at Microsoft belongs shares her story on linked profile:

I lost my mother on 21st May 2021 to black fungus. She is the iron lady of our house. She fought Covid bravely in hospital, one major surgery of her jaw and another surgery on the eye due to post covid black fungus infection.
She always said I am fine even after so much pain.

We were heartbroken on sudden deterioration of her vitals (in minutes) and from breathing normally to the ventilator.

I want to express my condolence to each family who has lost their loved ones.

The loss is irreplaceable but increasing awareness can help reduce the pain.

This is just to spread awareness not about black fungus but also about the candida fungus, together they took my support system.

Please take sometime to read the link below:
Covid-19 fungal infections:

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