How to apply for Curfew e-pass in Delhi

How to

Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus the Government has imposed a lot of restrictions on the citizens of the country to stop the community transmission of the disease. The individuals engaged in the essential services can go to their office. The applicant who wants to apply for the E-Pass can go to website. The chief minister of Delhi Mr. Arvind Kejriwal introduced the E-Pass facility in Delhi. Through the E-pass owner of services like Grocery, Milk, Chemist, and various households can have access to the areas of their supply. Individuals applying for the curfew pass can refer to the article as we have mentioned all the essential details about the curfew pass online. The E-Pass will be provided to the individuals for a genuine reason other than the person who is indulged in the essential services sector.

Click on ” Click Here to Apply for ePass” and it will open “” website:

Click Here to Apply for ePass

Step 1: Select your language:

Step 2: It will ask you some question: (What do you need help with?)

Step3: Click on the drop down:-

Step 4: You can select various option from the drop down. Fill the required detail in -order the download e-curfew Pass:

Step 5: Submit all the details, and download your e-curfew Pass.




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