Top 5 Facebook Local Groups in Noida

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If you are a resident of Noida, here is a list of Facebook groups where you can connect with like-minded people near you:

  1. Noida Flats and Flatmates: With 75.K members, this group is public group, if you are looking for accommodation in Noida. From postings about available flats to enquiries about flatmates, this group has it all. The idea is to get rid of the middleman – the broker – and bring landlords and tenants directly in touch with one another.
  2. Noida Fitness FreaksThis is a private group with 1.0K members, as the name suggests, is for the health-conscious. It aims to help people plan their daily walks and runs with other group members, and stay motivated.
  3. Noida Cycling Club: With 7.2K members, Love to ride? Find your tribe here. A group for cycling enthusiasts, it aims to motivate people to take up cycling for both better health and environment. What makes it more fun is that members not just ride together, but also explore, eat and take pictures while they are at it. However, it is a closed group and membership requires you to fill up a form.
  4. Noida Photography Club: With 6.2K members, If you like to play around with the camera, this group is for you. Find amateur and professional photographers, connect with them and learn a lesson or two. The group also conducts sessions on photography basics, post-processing tools and techniques, and photowalking. It has 3,723 members.
  5. Noida Startups: With 18.1K members, this public group connects those interested in the Noida start-up scene. Upcoming events and presentations, tips and product launches are all part of the information that gets shared among members. There’s also a closed group of the same name, with 2,726 members.

The number of members is subjected to change and may update accordingly.

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