What is virtual reality?

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This question always comes in our mind that what is virtual reality. Let’s try to understand with this that most of us haven’t been able to travel a lot lately. But with virtual reality, you can visit the beach, explore a mountain or more — all without leaving your house. Virtual reality (sometimes called VR) is technology that fools the brain into seeing an artificial world with depth, even though it’s based on flat pictures.

Because our eyes are slightly separate from each other, each eye sees a slightly different image. In real life, that gives our eyes depth perception, and helps us see how far away things are. But in virtual reality, technology can present each eye with a slightly different image. This produces an illusion of a three-dimensional space. If computers send a constant stream of these images, you can turn your head, walk and dance around full virtual worlds.

Many people enjoy games in virtual reality. But there’s science to be done in virtual worlds, too. Some scientists are using virtual reality to help people conquer their fear of heights. Others are using it to help people feel less pain.

Right now, virtual reality is mostly visual. People can’t hear sound or touch objects in these virtual worlds. But scientists are working on that, too. One day, you might be able to wander one of these worlds and touch or smell objects that aren’t really there at all.

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