Why some countries banned #Valentines Day celebration?

Why can’t we all think beyond our religions? That question comes to our mind when we hear they some countries have banned the celebration of Valentine’s day. There are a few countries that have banned the celebration since it is not part of Muslim tradition. All over the world,  couples are busy celebrating their love on Valentine’s Day by buying flowers, chocolates, and more.

Pakistan is the latest country to ban Valentine’s Day celebrations in public spaces after the country’s High Court passed a ruling, saying it was against Islamic teachings, according to local media reports.

In the past, a number of Muslim-majority countries have imposed bans on Valentine’s Day. In Malaysia, the National Muslim Youth Association released a document a day before Valentine’s Day advising Muslim women against using emoticons in text messages, simplify conversation when private messaging and avoid wearing fragrance.

Indonesia have banned and rejected the idea of Valentine’s Day saying they it is not part of Islamic culture.

Saudi Arabia too has joined the list of countries that have banned celebrating Valentine’s Day.

In the past, a number of political parties in India have criticized the concept of Valentine’s Day with many saying it is a bad Western influence on Indian culture.

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