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Adnan Sami: I’m against terrorism, Pakistani Army

Adna Sami
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Adnan Sami on Monday tweeted: “Just for the record, I’m not against the people of Pakistan. I love and respect all who love me. Therefore I love the people of Pakistan too. I’m against terrorism and against the Pak Army which has provoked wars with both its neighbours and destroyed democracy and the mindset of the people of Pakistan.”

The singer was earlier asked: “You get so much flak from the Pakistanis. How do you cope?”

He had replied: “My dear, it’s okay; they’re basically helpless, misguided and frustrated about their own lives and are taking it out on me since they know I moved on. I forgive them and pray that God improves their lives. They are actually victims. Hugs.”

Sami, who was born in Britain and was earlier a Canadian citizen, is of Pakistani decent. In 2016, he was granted Indian citizenship.

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