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Deadline For Free Aadhaar Updating Service Extended Till September 14

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The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has extended the free Aadhaar updating service for three months till September 14, 2023. This service, however, is only available through the myAadhaar portal and costs Rs 50 at physical Aadhaar facilities, as previously stated.

According to the UIDAI website, “Please update Aadhaar for continued accuracy of demographic Information. To update it, upload your proof of identity and proof of address documents.”

How to use the free service?

Residents can use their Aadhaar number to access the free service at https://myaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/portal. The registered cellphone number will receive a One Time Password (OTP).
Users can also go to ‘Document Update,’ verify their information, and upload documents to revalidate their information.

To use the service, submit proof of identification and address to the official website.
How to update the address in Aadhaar online?

  • Visit https://myaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/
  • Login in with your Aadhaar number and OTP.
  • ‘Name/Gender/Date of Birth & Address Update’ should be selected.
  • Select ‘Update Aadhaar Online’.
  • Choose ‘address’ from the list of demographic choices.
  • Click the ‘Proceed to Update Aadhaar’ button.
  • Upload document.
  • Fill up the necessary demographic information.
    Make a payment (This is not necessary till September 14).
  • There will be a Service Request Number (SRN) generated. Save it for later tracking of status.
  • You will receive an SMS after the internal quality check is completed.
  • How to track update requests?

After successfully submitting the update request, the URN number will be generated (change Request Number) in the format 0000/00XXX/XXXXX. This is displayed on the screen and sent through SMS to your registered telephone number. Track the status of your Aadhaar update using this URN and your Aadhaar number at: https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/checkSSUPStatus/checkupdatestatus

When to update demographic details?

According to the UIDAI website, “Changes in life events such as marriage may result in residents changing their basic demographic details such as name and address. Addresses and phone numbers may also change as a result of relocation to newer places. Residents may also request updates made to their relative’s information owing to life events such as marriage, the death of a relative, and so on. Furthermore, residents may have personal reasons to alter their phone number, email address, and so on.”

How many times can Aadhaar data be updated?

Aadhaar- Aadhaar users are permitted to change their names twice. In the event of a third alteration, the regional branch of UIDAI will only allow exceptional instances on special request.
Photograph- Users can alter their photos as many times as they wish..
Address- There is no limit to the number of times an Aadhaar address can be changed.
Date of Birth: Users can only update their Aadhaar Date of Birth (DoB) once.

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