Do you Know the Secret bhang shop in Noida?

There are packs of gulal-smeared revellers hollering on the streets, kids hurling well-aimed water balloons at unassuming strangers, passersby being drenched in buckets of coloured water being thrown from balconies and sweets that are bound to bring out the glutton in you.

And as if all that was not enough anarchy for one day, we Indians decided to throw another crazy element into the mix of bhang.

Bhang, an edible preparation of cannabis, has been synonymous with Holi since the festival inception.

For the uninitiated, bhang is usually consumed with a thandai, a sweet milk-based drink. A Thandai is ideal for the occasion, as bhang becomes much more potent when ingested with something sweet. Consuming bhang tends to lift the spirits and lower inhibitions, setting just the right mood for a wacky festival like Holi.

But bhang is cannabis and cannabis is illegal. So how do people manage to procure it?

Well, if you live in Noida, you can just come from a government-approved bhang shop in Sector 15!

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