Kashmiri words you should know during trip to valley

Kashmiri words you should know during trip to valley

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Kashmiri words: There are several compelling reasons to visit the Kashmir Valley.

Firstly, its breathtaking natural beauty, with snow-capped mountains, glistening lakes, and verdant meadows, is truly enchanting. Secondly, the region is rich in cultural heritage, offering insights into traditional crafts, music, and cuisine. Lastly, the warm hospitality of the locals makes the experience even more memorable.

Here are some Kashmiri words and phrases that can be helpful during a trip to the Kashmir Valley:

  1. Hello: Aasalaam aleikum (used as a general greeting)
  2. Thank you: Shukriya
  3. Yes: Haan
  4. No: Na
  5. Please: Meherbaani
  6. Excuse me: Maaf kare
  7. Sorry: Maazraat
  8. Good morning: Shubh prabhat
  9. Good evening: Shubh sandhya
  10. Good night: Shubh raat
  11. How are you?: Chum keya haal chaar/Chum kya khawaab chu?
  12. I am fine: Chum theek
  13. What is your name?: Tchor paanas chaar?
  14. My name is ______: Chon saanas ______.
  15. Where is _____?: ______ kuth chu?
  16. How much does it cost?: Chumit kitnye dam?
  17. I don’t understand: Chum beyakh bat karan/Chum beyakh samajh.
  18. Help me: Maz kor.
  19. Can you speak English?: Tu vayel angrezi koor?
  20. I need a doctor: Chum doktar traavith.

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These basic words and phrases should help you communicate with locals and navigate your way through the Kashmir Valley. Remember, many people in the region also speak Hindi or Urdu, so you can use those languages as well if you’re more familiar with them.

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