Nepal Celebration

Nepal Celebration: Tihar celebration starts in Nepal


Nepal Celebration: Nepal celebrates the first day of the festival of lights called Tihar on Saturday. It is the second biggest festival of Hindus in Nepal after Dashain. The celebration starts by feeding crows which is observed as Kaag Tihar.

The second day of Tihar is celebrated as Kukur Tihar where dogs are worshipped. Kukur Tihar is also called Narak Chaturdashi.

People take holy dips in rivers and ponds at sunrise on this day in observance of the Narak Chaturdashi. After taking the holy bath, devotees light what is known as the Yamadeep facing it southwards.

There is a religious belief that donating Yamadip this day makes oneself free of torture by Yamaraj, the lord of hell and death.

In the 5-day long Tihar celebration, the Laxmi puja is scheduled on Sunday 12 November. The next day of Laxmi puja is celebrated as Goru Puja where cows are worshipped. Tihar celebration ends with Bhai Tika when sisters pray for the wellbeing of their brothers by offering them tika.

The market in Nepal is crowded with devotees shopping for the Tihar celebration. Traditional sweets such as chimti, lakhamari, barfi, peda, laddu and fini are high on sale during Tihar Festivity.

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