PM Modi celebrates Diwali with security forces at Lepcha in Himachal Pradesh

PM Modi on Sunday celebrated Diwali with security forces in Lepcha, Himachal Pradesh.

In a social media post Mr Modi said, spending Diwali with the country’s brave security forces has been an experience filled with deep emotion and pride. He said, that away from their families, these guardians of the nation illuminate our lives with their dedication. Prime Minister said the courage of the security forces is unwavering.

He said, stationed in the toughest terrains, away from their loved ones, their sacrifice and dedication keep people safe and secure. Mr Modi said India will always be grateful to these heroes who are the perfect embodiment of bravery and resilience.

Prime Minister also interacted with Army jawans in Lepcha and extended greetings to the people of the country. Speaking on the occasion, Mr Modi said, the soldiers of the country have always proved that they are the strongest protective force of the country on the border.

He said India’s army and security forces have continuously contributed to nation-building. Prime Minister said, on the occasion of Diwali, a diya is lit in every household for the well-being of the Country’s brave forces.

Keeping in with his tradition of spending Diwali with armed forces, the Prime Minister spent this Diwali with the forces in Lepcha. Last year, Prime Minister had celebrated Diwali with Armed Forces in Kargil.

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