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PM Modi launches two major initiatives to uplift MSMEs in Indian automotive industry

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PM Modi today launched the TVS Open mobility platform at Madurai today. He also inaugurated the Centre of excellence on employment and livelihood.

In his special address at the automotive mobility conference attended by five thousand MSMEs, he said that manufacturing and innovation are two important aspects which are essential in steering the growth of the economy.

He said that the Manufacturing sector has to keep Zero defect and zero effect as their policy. The products should be of global standard and zero effect means not to harm the environment. He said that he created a separate ministry for skill development to equip the youth of the nation for better prospects.

The Prime Minister said that two crore two wheelers, ten lakh commercial vehicles and lakhs of other vehicles are produced in the Country and MSMEs played a major role in boosting the big industrial sector. He said that the Government brought in many credit guarantee schemes to protect the MSME sector to tide over the Covid crisis.

He said that performance linked manufacturing MSMEs were given importance to boost their growth. He said that electric vehicles, rooftop solar policy, One Crore E-Vehicles charging stations and transportation fields depend on the MSME sector.

PM Modi said that the Government carried forward the implementation of digitalisation, electrification, and formalisation so that the Infrastructure industry was benefited by it. The Prime Minister said that multi modal connectivity, automobile support mechanisms form a support base for the growth of automotive MSMEs.

He noted that scrapping of old vehicles, recycling of the parts also have a market. The Prime Minister said that MSMEs have a big role to play in making India a Vikshit Bharat in 2047.

Speaking at the meeting, Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting Dr. L. Murugan said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a visionary and under his leadership the Country saw a speedy growth in rail road and other infrastructure in the past ten years.

He said that the Prime Minister has been working tirelessly to make India a developed Nation in 2047.

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