Why PM Modi choose to Inaugurate of New Parliament Building over Farmers Protest?


This question comes to common man of India then why Prime Minister Modi choose to inaugurate the new building of parliament over farmer protest. It is being more than 18 days of farmer protests, but PM Modi is still unaffected. Prime Minister Narender Modi is not speaking a single word not even showing his valid concerns towards protesting farmers.

Farmers are protesting in Delhi and our beloved Prime Minister are not ready to meet the farmers. This government is still trying to convince the farmers to accept their terms on Farmer Bill.

The new parliament building costing over 700 crores but and fire of farmers protest is still burning on the heart of every Indian. Now the countries like Britain and Canada are raising questions on silence of PM Modi.

Prime Minister Modi should at least talk to the farmers. This government seems like a Hitler and most people are not liking this.

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