Lok Sabha Election: Rahul Gandhi Addresses Public Meeting In Kannur, Kerala

Rahul Gandhi today alleged that the BJP is using prices of agricultural produce as a weapon against farmers. Addressing a public meeting in Kannur in support of UDF candidates in Kasaragod and Kannur Parliamentary constituencies, the Congress leader alleged that the union government has changed export-import policies, which has adversely affected farmers from getting fair prices for their produce. He also accused the BJP of capturing various institutions of the government and using them as political weapons against its opponents.

He observed that small and medium businesses have not developed in the country as they do not have access to bank money.

Mr Gandhi said, that if Congress is voted to power, poor women will get 8,500 rupees a month as compensation for the work they do at home, introduce a bill that guarantees 50 per cent job reservation for women, introduce an apprenticeship bill and ensure Minimum Support Price for farmers among other things.

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