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Your Star Sign tells about your eating habits

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According to the ‘Astrology for Appetiser’ survey, Aries, Leos and Sagittarians are the most likely to get food delivered at least once a day (53%). Cancers (16%), Aquarians (12%) and Taureans (12%) are apparently the most indecisive, while Virgos are the pickiest (11%).

Here’s some studies of what your star sign might say about your eating habits:


You can’t disturb an Aries when they’re in the middle of a good episode. They’ll most likely eat in front of the TV (11%), order delivery (21%) and choose comfort food in the process (19%).


Known for their love of luxury and indulgence, you’ll want to share a table with a Taurean as they’re most likely to indulge on food (20%) compared to other signs (8% average). However, Taureans can also be possessive in nature, shown by the fact they’re the least likely to give you a nibble off their plate (15%).


Mirroring their bubbly and sweet personalities, Geminis love a trip to the cookie jar, preferring sweet over savoury (52%). Their impulsive nature also sees them as one of the zodiacs more likely to indulge with food (13%).


The sensitive Cancer doesn’t scroll for #foodspo, as they prioritise taste over looks (12%). But while Cancers may be intuitive, they’re indecisive when it comes to picking what to eat (16%), and will turn to food delivery for convenience (20%).


This fire sign brings their blazing personality to their preference for spicy food (15%) over sweet and savoury, and their generous nature also means they don’t have a problem sharing their food, with the sign least likely to worry about how much food there is (4% less than average)


Perfectionists at heart, it may come as no surprise that Virgos are the pickiest eaters of the zodiac (an increase of 36% above average) compared to other signs, and also the least likely of the signs to go vegan (just 1%).


Their love for the outdoors and socialising may be why Libra’s eat for fuel rather than taste (16%) – they need to stay active! As such, like their fellow air sign, Aquarius, the quantity of food is important to more than one in 10 and the same percentage they always have breakfast.


Ambitious Scorpios will often find themselves out the door with limited time to eat (13%). As such, this may be why only 3% of Scorpios say they’re passionate about food and just 4% say they would indulge in food – the least of the bunch!


Whether they’re still recovering from the night before, or too busy, you won’t find Sagittarians hitting the order button in the morning, as only 6% are likely to eat breakfast. However, once they wake up, Sagittarians are more likely to get their food delivered (14%).


Of all signs, this sign seems to be the most experimental with food (14%), but when ordering with a Capricorn, be sure to remember the quality of the food is top of mind for them (10%). As well as this, they’re more likely to get their favourite meal delivered for convenience (14%).


Despite their preference for sweet over savoury (51%), these late-night snackers can’t look past chicken as their favourite meaty eat (35%). Quantity of food is also important to them (11%).


Pisces have a love for seafood (35%) – surprise! And valuing food quantity more than any other sign (an increase of 42%) makes this an expensive fishy habit. They’re also up there as most likely to order food every day (21%).

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