Bose introduce noise-masking Sleep Buds

Do you have trouble sleeping? The Bose Sleepbuds II are here to help you sleep better.

The Bose Sleepbuds II follow the same motto as the previous version. These are designed to help you sleep better.

The problem with Sleepbuds I

Almost a year ago, the first version of Sleepbuds were discontinued to certain battery issues. This announcement came as a disappointment to many users as it really aided them in their sleep.

In contrast to regular earbuds, the Bose earbuds are programmed to provide a snug fit to your ears and play a series of tracks that mask the disrupting noises. This helps you have a peaceful sleep.

Now, the Bose Sleepbuds are back. But this time with improved features and bug fixes.

The interesting features of Bose Sleepbuds

They include new proprietary ear tips that sit comfortably in your ears overnight. Also, they feature an ultra-lightweight structure. Additionally, the company has expanded their tracklist to 35 tracks.

These are meant to “cover and replace” the noise made by the neighbours, traffic, dogs, and any other late night disturbances that might annoy you. You can store up to 10 tracks from the Sleep App directly into the Sleepbuds. Also, they have a friction-coating that prevents any sort of squeaking noises when they rub against any surface. To improve the connectivity with your phone, they have a new antenna.

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Back with an improved battery life

As mentioned before, the battery was kind of a drawback for the previous generation of Sleepbuds. But now, Bose says that it is powered by an NiMH battery which will provide up to 10 hours of playback. The aluminium charging cases adds over 30 hours of life.

These buds even have an impressive rating for resistance against sweat and water.

The head of Bose’s health division, Steve Romine said, “Bose Sleepbuds II use advancements in our proprietary noise masking technology because covering sound — not canceling it — is better for sleeping.”

The company said that they conducted a study which showed that the Sleepbuds II truly helped many people to sleep better.

The new playlist of in the Bose Sleep app consists of 14 tracks that are for the sole purpose of noise-masking. Also, it detects the frequencies of many evening disruptions like snoring partners, footsteps, chaotic noises outside your bedroom window, and many more.

In addition to these, 15 more tracks are inculcated especially for you to help to calm your mind and reduce your stress before getting into bed.

Launch date and the retail price

Bose said that these Sleepbuds will be launched on October 6th.

Apparently, the new Bose Sleepbuds II will cost you about $249.95.

Though it might seem a bit expensive, they are well worth it.

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