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‘Google Webmasters’ webmaseter is now replaced by new ‘Google Search Central’


Google is modernizing and revamping its resources for Search Engine Optimizers, web developers, and site owners. “Google Search Central” is replacing “Webmasters Central,” while there’s a new website and blog.

According to the company, the term “webmaster” has become “archaic, and according to the data found in books, its use is in sharp decline.” Namely, “very few web professionals identify themselves as webmasters anymore,” as evidenced by a Google user experience study.

Google Search Central retains the same goal of helping “people improve the visibility of their website on Google Search.
As part of this, the announcements blog and localized versions are moving to the new site. RSS and email subscribers will automatically be moved over.

Meanwhile, the Search Console Help Center will be dedicated to information on how to use the Search Console tool but will house the “Google Search Central Community” forum.


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