Klip VR Immersive Technologies wins first Global VR Awards


Klip VR Immersive Technologies won the prestigious VR Award for ‘Rising Company of the Year 2020’ hosted by the Academy of International Extended Reality (AIXR). The recognition comes at a time when Indian AR and VR industry is buoyant for a bright future, as per NASSCOM,  estimated at $ 0.55 Bn in 2018 and is expected to grow to $ 6.5 Bn by 2022.Klip VR cofounded by Rishi Ahuja and Aditya Tuknait brings a universe of learnings to classrooms with state of the art immersive virtual reality (VR) technology. Klip VR’s VR experiences bring another level of understanding, right inside the classroom for students and is an initiative to address existing learning gaps in Indian school education with the help of immersive experiences by Virtual Reality technology.

Klip VR Immersive Technologies founder Rishi Ahuja said “It’s a great honour to receive the award of ‘The Rising VR Company of the Year 2020’ and would like to thank AIXR. Virtual Reality holds immense potential in India and in the next few years it can really transform the quality of teaching by offering an immersive experience and simplification of hard-to-understand topics. This recognition is for the Indian EdTech industry, which is on the cusp of a revolution, we at Klip VR are really excited and after ChandraYaan, we are working on a number of projects and titles, to enthral the 21st-century educators and learners.”

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