Setting Up Out-of-Office Messages in Outlook 2010


How to Setup Out-of-Office Messages reply in Outlook 2010

1. Start your setup.

  • In Outlook, click on FileInfo then select Automatic Replies (Out of Office).
  • Click on Send Automatic Replies and check the Only send during this time range check box.
  • Specify a start and end time for the reply to activate and deactivate using the Start time and End time fields.
  • Enter a message in the Inside My Organization field. This message will be sent to internal UCSD email addresses.


2. Auto reply to external email addresses.

  • Click on the Outside My Organization tab.
  • Make sure Auto-reply to people outside my organization is checked.
  • Enter the message that will be sent to external (non-UCSD) email addresses.
  • Click on OK.


3. Deactivate out-of-office automatic replies.

  • Click on FileInfo, then Automatic Replies.
  • Click on Do not send automatic replies.
  • Click OK.


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