mask for cow

UK Company Develops Mask for Cows to Control Methane Emission and Climate Change


Science and technology are playing very vital roles in our daily lives. As we have continued to depend more and more on technology and industries, we have polluted the world. But the animals are not so innocent after all, especially the cattle. As they burp and fart, they release methane that is 84 times more toxic than carbon dioxide, contributing greenhouse gasses, equivalent to the fossil fuel industry.

the innocent-looking animals are equally responsible for ruining the planet as we are. As the war against climate change is on and scientists are doing everything, they can to protect our only habitat, technology will once again drive the factors that led to it in the first place. One such technology is meant for cattle, especially the dairy industry. To protect the planet from methane emitting animals, a UK based start-up has come up with a solution — a mask. The start-up, named Zelp (Zero Emission Livestock Project), says that the mask has been designed to reduce up to 60 percent of methane emissions in cattle.


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