Use Solar Power to recharge vehicle: Tata Nexon EV owner


A video shows a Tata Nexon EV owner who is using solar energy to recharge his house and his Nexon EV. In other words, driving his Nexon Electric is literally FREE, as he does not pay any electricity charges to recharge the battery of the car.

The video has been uploaded by SOLAR KART on their youtube channel. The video introduces to a Doctor from Kerala who has recently bought Nexon EV. He is currently spending no money on recharging the batteries as he has solar panel set up at his home. He installed solar panels 10 months ago and he bought the Nexon EV post lockdown.

The main benefit of having a solar panel installed at home is that he does not have to spend even a penny on recharging the car. The panel installed generates enough electricity to power his house and also recharge his car. Running cost for electric vehicles way less than petrol or diesel cars. According to the video, fuel cost for running a petrol car for 8 years is approximately Rs 6 lakh whereas, the electric cars running cost would only be under 1 lakh which is a huge difference.

The doctor also says that the surplus electricity generated from solar panels is sold to state electricity board. The owner was very happy with the performance of Nexon EV, He even says that, the car uses 30 units of electricity to recharge batteries fully. The car is recharged once in a week and easily return him around 250 kms of range. Unlike petrol and diesel cars, there is no need for frequent services and you can save a decent of money there as well.

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