WhatsApp Implemented New Feature to Notify Users About In-App Updates


WhatsApp has implemented a new handy feature that will allow WhatsApp to make in-app announcements around new updates. The feature is called in-app notifications and it will be used to make new announcements on WhatsApp.

Currently, WhatsApp makes all the new announcements through its blog, however, soon users would be able to directly get these on the app. These in-app updates could direct users to a specific website or even require them to take a particular action. This feature will not be used by WhatsApp for advertising purposes.

These announcements will not be delivered to users via chat instead these will appear as an in-app banner. The first new announcement made by WhatsApp using this feature is the new Terms of Service which state that WhatsApp is releasing their new terms and also sheds light on the main aim of the update.

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