Benjamin Netanyahu Summons War Cabinet For Second Time In Less Than 24 Hours

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu summoned his war cabinet for the second time in less than 24 hours yesterday to decide on the course of response to Iran’s attack.

The government has made no announcements on any decisions so far. While Iran has signalled it considers the matter closed, the Israeli military’s chief of staff said the attack would not go unanswered.

Speaking to a news agency, Chief of the General Staff of the Israel Defense Forces, Lt Gen Herzi Halevi said, the Iranian missile and drone attack on Israel will be met with a response. A senior Iranian official, Abolfazl Amoui, stated that the country has devised comprehensive strategies for all potential scenarios in the event of Israeli escalation.

He added the country is prepared to deploy previously unused weaponry in case of any Israeli strikes.
Tehran said, the operation was retaliation for a strike on 1st of this month on its consulate in Syria, which killed senior Iranian military commanders.

The Israeli military said, more than 300 drones and missiles were launched at Israel. It said, almost all were brought down by its forces, with support from the US, UK, France and other countries, before reaching their targets. No deaths were reported and Israel said the damage was limited. World leaders have urged restraint amid concerns about a major escalation in tensions in the West Asia.

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