China and Pakistan can never be trusted

An old saying, ‘Dog’s tail can never be straightened and China / Pakistan can never be trusted. These 3 powers hold the keys to the future of South Asia, as the West withdraws from Afghanistan and U.S. influence in the region declines, this triangular relationship will become more important and complicated, unless , China and India – the two major powers – can clearly define the parameters of a new regional order.

China’s continuous land grabbing activities at our borders and clever support to our neighbour, in the form of
finance and Army, leads our relations to an undisclosed war.

Hence, India’s disputed borders with China and Pakistan continue to generate insecurity for the country. No comprehensive agreement seems to be forthcoming, despite umpteen number of rounds of border talks with China and also there have been occasional Chinese military incursions into Indian controlled territory, resulting in increasing political tensions between the two countries.

The border with Pakistan is far more complicated because of their unjust claim over the entire state, (Jammu & Kashmir) has been historically disputed. The worries of New Delhi today is the increasing Chinese presence in the POK of J & K, including GILGIT-BALISTAN.

However, on a positive note for India, China has been less supportive of Pakistan’s Kashmir policy. It did not support it’s ” ALL-WEATHER-FRIEND” DURING THE 1999 INDIA- PAKISTAN Kargil conflict, either mentally or

Finally, Pakistan needs to adjust its strategic priorities, in light of its growing inability to act as a modern functioning state and the use of non-state actors, need to end, so that it can stand on its feet as a viable nation state and contribute to a state regional order.

CONCLUSION: India for its part, must view the region from a wider, long-term strategic perspective and avoid getting tied down in petty fights with Pakistan. Such an order could lead to peaceful co-existence between India and China and solve / manage the regions problems.

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