Heavy rain affacted daily life in Türkiye

In Türkiye, torrential rains have paralyzed daily life. Many streets, houses and workplaces were flooded due to heavy rainfall for the last few days. Floods damaged citizens’ properties in several provinces and submerged vehicles in rainwater.

The capital, Ankara is in the grip of adverse weather conditions, as hail and downpours are effective in Keciören district.

Turgut Altınok, the mayor of Keciören said that after the downpours and hail, the storm drains were blocked, and a major flood occurred in many regions throughout the district.

Meanwhile, the southern province of Antalya also surrendered to heavy rain on Monday. Other regions affected by the torrential downpours include the northern province of Samsun, eastern province of Elazıg, Mus and Kars. These regions are witnessing landslides, flooded buildings, stuck vehicles, damaged houses and overflowing streams due to rainfall, hail and downpours for the last few days. Rescue teams have been dispatched to flooded areas after a notification.

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