Hindu temple priest refuses to leave Afghanistan, know reason

While people are trying to Afghanistan at any cost, there are some people who have decided to leave their fate to God.

There is one such person, Pandit Rajesh Kumar who happens to be the last Hindu priest of the Rattan Nath mandir. Many of his friends offered to arrange for his travel but he denied it.

He says “my ancestors served this Mandir for hundreds of years. I will not abandon it. If Taliban kills me, I consider it my Seva’.” We salute him and pray for peace in Afghanistan.

Pandit Rajesh Kumar, the priest of the last Hindu temple of Kabul refuses to flee, saying that if the Taliban kills him it will be his Seva to the temple where his ancestors have always served. This is what it takes to be a priest. You can’t just take an exam and become that.

We can home that the Taliban leader would save the Hindu, Sikhs, and other minority people in Afghanistan.

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