jellyfish galaxy JO175

Hubble Space Telescope captures jellyfish galaxy JO175

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The Hubble Space Telescope has captured an image of the jellyfish galaxy designated as JO175. The ‘JO’ in the name stands for jellyfish object.

Jellyfish galaxies are so called because of the tendrils of gas and dust that can trail behind them for distances of up to 300,000 lightyears. As the galaxy moves through the hot gas within a galaxy cluster, the gas and dust can be removed from the galaxy through a process known as ram-pressure stripping. The removal of the gas and dust slows down the process of star formation within the galaxy, pushing it closer towards extinction.

JO175 is at a distance of 650 million lightyears within the minor southern constellation of Telescopium. The Hubble Space Telescope has recently completed an observation campaign of jellyfish galaxies, and has previously imaged

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