Israel-Gaza War: 300K Troops at Gaza Border, Erasing Hamas Arms

Israel-Gaza War: The ongoing Israel-Gaza war has claimed nearly 2200 lives.

The death toll in Israel alone has reached 1,200 including 155 soldiers, while more than 1,000 people have been killed in Gaza since the terrorists launched a surprise attack. The death toll includes 14 US citizens.

According to reports, 5,000 others have been injured in the strikes in Gaza after Israel launched a strong retaliation after the ‘surprise attack’ by Hamas.

Meanwhile, the sole power plant in the Gaza Strip ceased operations on Wednesday afternoon after running out of fuel.

The conflict between Israel and Hamas is escalating. Israel claimed that it recaptured Gaza border areas from Hamas yesterday. It also said that a number of Israeli fighter jets struck more than 2,294 Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip as of now and reportedly killed two high-ranking Hamas officials.

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Israel has also reported shelling from Lebanon and Syria which it has responded to with its own air strikes. Lebanese militant group Hezbollah claimed the strikes were to avenge the deaths of its members by Israeli defense forces.

In Israel, the opposition and ruling party agreed on a unity government and war cabinet after the Hamas attack. Vowing to turn Hamas sites in Gaza to rubble, Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu compared the Hamas attacks to ISIS killings.

About 3,00,000 soldiers had been deployed at the Gaza border to ensure that Hamas would lose all military capabilities at the end of the war.

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