Israel ground forces raid into Gaza to locate 120 missing Israeli hostages

Israel News: Israel’s ground forces made localized raids into Gaza on the 7th day of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

The raids were also aimed at locating missing persons. The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) confirmed that there are at least 120 captives in Gaza. Earlier, the United Nations said that Israel had ordered the evacuation of some 1.1 million people in northern Gaza.

The Israeli military pulverized the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip with airstrikes and blocked deliveries of food, water, fuel, and electricity.

International aid groups warned of a worsening humanitarian crisis after Israel prevented entry of supplies from Egypt to Gaza’s 2.3 million people.

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The Israel-Hamas war has claimed at least 2,800 lives on both sides since Hamas launched an unprecedented surprise attack on the 7th of October.

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