Israel-Hamas war: Israel Accuses Hamas of War Crimes; 1,000 Dead

Israel-Hamas war: Israel’s casualty count in the ongoing clash with Hamas has surged past the one-thousand mark, with close to 700 fatalities within Israel and 400 in Gaza.

Numerous individuals are apprehensively anticipated to be wounded. The number of fatalities is anticipated to climb as certain areas remain uncleared of Hamas militants, and confrontations persist.

The conflict between Hamas and Israeli security forces endures across multiple sites.

The Israeli armed forces assert to have struck over 800 objectives in Gaza up to this point, encompassing airstrikes that devastated a substantial portion of Beit Hanoun town in the northeastern region of the enclave.

The United Nations reported that a minimum of 70,000 Palestinians in Gaza are actively seeking refuge in educational facilities under its administration.

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They have called for the establishment of humanitarian passages to facilitate the delivery of food supplies into Gaza.

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