Israel-Hamas War: US President Joe Biden arrives in Tel Aviv

Israel-Hamas War: US President Joe Biden landed in Israel’s Tel Aviv on Wednesday. 

It is a solidarity visit following a growing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas and a humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Upon his arrival in Tel Aviv, the US President was received by Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Isaac Herzog.

Israeli Prime Minister appreciated the US President’s unequivocal support to his country which is at war with Hamas. He noted the unprecedented level of cooperation between the two countries.

Addressing a joint media briefing with the US President, the Israeli Prime Minister also hailed US support in providing the infrastructure needed to fight against the Hamas terror group in the ongoing conflict.

An agreement was reached between the US and the Israeli government that focuses on providing humanitarian relief and establishing safe areas for over 2 million people in Gaza who are currently in urgent need of water, food, and medical assistance due to the ongoing conflict.

The US President’s visit comes amid an explosion in a hospital in Gaza on Tuesday which claimed the lives of hundreds.

After the strike, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas immediately cancelled the planned meeting with US President Joe Biden. Jordan’s King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein also called off the summit.

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