Northern Gaza Strip

Israel Reopens Erez Crossing Into Northern Gaza Strip

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Israel reopened the Erez crossing into the northern Gaza Strip, the sole humanitarian entry point that had been closed since being destroyed by Hamas militants in October, raising hopes for improved aid access after months of crisis.

The long-awaited reopening coincided with a visit by U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who has been pushing for enhanced aid deliveries into Gaza during meetings with Israeli leaders including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

International organisations have warned of a catastrophic situation, especially in the northern areas near Erez since the vital crossing’s destruction on the 7th of October cut off aid flows into the blockaded enclave. Israel said its reopening of the crossing would allow the entry of humanitarian supplies like food and medicine after months of restrictions.
However, travellers and additional goods remain blocked for now. Before the attack on the 7th of October by Hamas, the Erez served as a passenger crossing for Palestinians, including medical patients, labourers and travellers going in and out of Gaza.
The crossing suffered heavy damage in the 7th of October attack and has been closed since then.
The move comes as Blinken engaged in shuttle diplomacy during his seventh regional visit, aimed at securing a ceasefire after nearly seven months of fighting between Israel and Palestinian militants.
Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged a fresh incursion into southern Gaza soon, even as Egypt and Qatar mediate truce efforts. Over one million Gazans have been displaced by the fighting.

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