Mohamed Muizzu

Maldives News: President Mohamed Muizzu Set To Win Super Majority In Parliamentary Elections


Maldives News: In Maldives, ruling party PNC of President Mohamed Muizzu is set to win a super majority in Sunday’s parliamentary elections, results showed.

Muizzu’s People’s National Congress won 66 of the first 86 seats declared, in the 93-member majlis, or parliament, according to the Elections Commission of Maldives results.
However, the main opposition Maldivian Democratic Party, which previously had a super-majority, was headed for a defeat with just a dozen seats.
Parliamentary elections have been crucial in Maldives as elected governments have been keen to secure a majority in parliament to ensure smooth administration, secure the presidential tenure by avoiding parliamentary impeachment, and minimise the politicisation of policies during the presidential tenure.

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