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North Korea News: Kim Jong Un Boosts Nuclear Force in Constitution

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North Korea News: North Korea has amended its constitution to bolster and expand its nuclear force.

The country’s parliament added the law to North Korea’s constitution after two days of meetings. It was passed by North Korea’s Supreme People’s Assembly (SPA), where leader Kim Jong Un addressed participants and called the move a historic event that provided a powerful political lever to boost national defense capabilities and protect national interests.

The state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported that the country’s policy of strengthening its nuclear force is now permanent. The move, while mostly symbolic, reinforces North Korea’s view that it is a forever nuclear power and that the idea of denuclearizing or giving up its weapons, a key demand of the US and its Western allies, is not up for discussion.

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Kim also justified Pyongyang’s accelerating weapons development program by pointing to the trilateral military cooperation between the United States, South Korea, and Japan – which he called the worst actual threat.

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