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US President-Joe Biden likely provide US citizenship to over 5,00,000 Indians


It is certain that Joe Biden will be the new President of USA.  It is a good news for lots of Indian that US President-elect Joe Biden will work towards providing a roadmap to American citizenship for nearly 11 million undocumented immigrants, including over 5,00,000 from India, and will also establish a minimum admission number of 95,000 refugees annually.

Biden believes India-US partnership is the defining relationship of the 21st century, and he plans to strengthen ties between the two countries.

Biden had expressed his views on India-US relationship in multiple ways and platform during his election campaign as well. He took a strong objection to a remark made by President Donald in whic trump said that the air in India as “filthy”.

“President Trump called India ‘filthy’. It’s not how you talk about friends and it’s not how you solve global challenges like climate change,” Biden said in a tweet, two days after Trump during a presidential debate accused China, India and Russia of not taking care of their “filthy” air.

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