Zainab Abbas Apologizes for Social Media Posts After India Departure

Zainab Abbas: Pakistan sports presenter Zainab Abbas has recently caught every headline as she left India in a hurry, as she stated that she was feeling ‘intimidated and scared’ by what was happening on social media.

Furthermore, despite there being no threat to her family, she needed some personal space. Taking to Twitter, Abbas clarified what she had felt and even apologized for her past posts that were deemed controversial.

“I was neither asked to leave nor was I deported, However, I felt intimidated and scared by the reaction that was unfolding online. And even though there was no immediate threat to my safety, my family, and friends from both sides of the border were concerned.

I needed some space and time to reflect on what had transpired.” Abbas tweeted.

“I understand and deeply regret the hurt caused by the posts that were circulated. I wish to make clear that they do not represent my values or who I am as a person today.

There is no excuse or space for such language, and I sincerely apologize to anyone who was offended,” she added.

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