Election Updates: Campaign for Rajasthan assembly elections ends

Election Updates: Rajasthan assembly elections the campaign for the assembly elections to be held in Rajasthan ended at 6 pm on Thursday.

The Election Department has made all preparations to conduct the voting as per the schedule. The departure of polling parties will also start from tomorrow morning for the assembly elections to be held on 199 seats of the state. Dry day has been declared in the state from this evening till the end of voting.

Advertisements will be published in newspapers tomorrow and the day after tomorrow only after authentication. Election-related advertisements will not be broadcast or telecast even in e-paper and electronic media.

Chief Electoral Officer of the state Praveen Gupta said that the District Electoral officers have been instructed to strict compliance with the Election Commission guidelines in the last 48 hours. Instructions have been given to verify the information of outsiders staying at places like community houses, hotels, guest houses, Dharamshala etc.

Checkposts have been established and various places and Vehicles coming from outside are being checked.

Public holiday has been declared on Voting day in the state. The Election Department has issued an advertisement stating that every person working in public and private enterprises, institutions, businesses and shops should be given a paid holiday of 25th November, so that they can exercise their franchise.

The industry and trade organizations of the state have also called for keeping business establishments closed on the day of voting and giving paid leave to employees and workers.

The Jaipur Hotel Association has decided to celebrate ‘Democracy Utsav’ on the day of voting and for this, posters have been displayed in all the hotels. Some industrial organizations have also decided to provide transport facilities to the workers along with leave to cast their votes

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